Does anyone on here work with Tax and National insurance?

Ok i really need somebodys advice on something and can only do this through mail as its a pretty private thing, i need someone to give me advice on a query on National Insurance that we pay from our wages every week/month

please if anyone can help pm me

thanks very much



You will have to give us a clue what sort of advice. Is it for what our ni goes towards etc or is the amounts we pay and threshholds.:?

get your rear on messenger!

Saxo can't you get the info you want through here ?…ney

I'm sure I don;t have to tell you to be careful with personal advice and strangers

I would certainly google your advice yourself.

Original Poster

Hi folks, thanks for replying

i need to sort this out by private mail, but thanks for the help

i cant say what its about sorry!
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