Does anyone own an Archos 5 Internet Tablet?


Recently bought an archos 5 tablet and having loads of probems with it and just looking to see if anyone on here has one that could maybe help me work out if its me or the archos thats got the problems im having lol

The problems are particularly around getting DVDs on to the machine, playback of video, screen freezing pretty often and a few other bits

Thanks in advance


try the Lathe convertor, worked on mine before but you will have to search on google and forums to confirm software compatibilities, if not return PMP as mine was ok...

jase I may be able to help you out I have a few archos systems and I have about 60 films converted too...

could give you help and advice when online....

Lathe is probably the easiest of the software, and can be used for phones too...
I have upscaled and down scaled with that software and also use it for doing music videos for my arhcos gmini too..

I think I can send you the link for the trial version if I check one of my prior emails to a friend..

speak soon...
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