Does anyone produce music on here?

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Found 3rd Jun 2007
Iv just got the program Reason and iv taken one look at it and thought

"Oh my God" it looks so complicated !:-(

Im wondering if you could give me a few pointers?

is all the devices on it for working with a musical keyboard or could i make a tune just with my normal computer keyboard?


Takes some doing Reason...

You can do it without adding equipment, but you could do with downloading some samples/effects etc

I tried that and Logic - basically, I now know why I'm not meant to produce anything other than wind...

Good luck fella, but you could really do with someone who knows the software to show you in person to start you off.

reason has a reeeally steep learning curve... It is possible to work with the computer keyboard but you'll want to buy a midi if you're gonna do anything good with it. The main thing about reason is all the VST effects and plugins you can use easily. is probably the best site you'll find, and if you use torrents head over to and get an account to grab any tools you'll need.

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thanks guys for replying,

rep left for you all ! :thumbsup:

I produce electronic music (and have done for years) but use Cubase.

Reason is a walk in the park compared to this !

The simple fact though is that pretty much all pro or semi-pro music programs have a steep learning curve.
You can't expect to learn how to use them properly in a few hours/days.

Stick with them though and your patience will be rewarded.

If you're new to all this, try starting off with one of the Ejay programs (assuming you want to produce Dance or Hip-Hop music of some sort).
They're not very flexible but they're cheap and easy to get started with.

After that you can move on to the more complex programs.

Oh, and if you decide to keep plugging away at Reason, DEFINATELY get yourself a basic midi keyboard. You'll thank yourself later, guaranteed !

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Yeh i knew i had to get a keyboard lol

Iv just looked at all the actual things you can add to your board and here is the picture...

Can anyone tell me what they all are and what they do, i dont know what any of them are.

many thanks for any help

Thats a lot of tabs!!! (sorry off topic!, I wouldn't have a clue about this kinda stuff!)
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