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Does anyone purchase from: https://gosaveonline.com/

Posted 12th Jan 2023
I was looking for a Ninja Foodi MAX 15-in-1 and the cheapest was at gosaveonline.com/ 203£, unfortunately I don't think they are legit, I texted them and they said that they are legit and open for 9 years. Will be interested if anyone purchase from them.
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    Thank you to you all, I will delete the topic and avoid purchasing from them
    They are a complete scam. I was not so lucky. I order one over Christmas via Klarna. I haven't received the product or a refund. Do not touch them with a bargepole. A total scam.
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    You texted them and they said they were legit - must be fine then lol

    Seriously, what else are they gonna say?? (edited)
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    Like all the other Ninja foodi selling sites, I'd say dodgy unless proven to be legit.
    Contact numbers being mobiles always looks dodgy to me. Try ringing them.
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    Looks dodgy , says pick up point is 42-44 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PY , although one of the links says they do free delivery.... there is 14 other companies listed there, the director lives in Blackpool, registered company address is 5, the mall london , and the sales /contact line is a mobile...looking at the accounts its hardly made any money...big no from me
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    totally dodgy.. read reviews
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