Does anyone remember.......

    Does anyone remember the deal on here a few weeks ago for Bullguard @ £2

    If so, those who purchased - did you install it? I bought it and installed it on my sons laptop and only got 1 week protection. Was this right? I am completely mystified!! Emailed company but still waiting on a reply!!

    Any help would be appreciated and hope I have listed this in right place... Sorry if I havent!!!


    not sure why you want to pay anyone when Microsoft do their own free one…ls/

    Sounds like you installed the trial version, is their some sort of reg code that came with it?

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    Think I will download that to my sons laptop when the week is up! Just cant understand why there only was a week though - seems very strange to me LOL

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    It asked for code but I put it.......... Could maybe try putting it in again or something.....
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