Does anyone remember toffee crisp clusters?

    my boyfriend thinks i imagine them, they were, well, little clusters of toffee crisp! came in an orange bag, but nowhere seems to sell them anymore!they disappeared!



    oh yes i remember them! used to get a pack before school. lovely


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    i used to eat them all the time but one day they just went!!

    i want them back


    Same with Wispa, why did they stop them?

    used to eat these till almost sick.

    Wispa they brought back last year. Got some Opal fruits from asda last month! excellent

    Wispa was just limited edition return wasnt it, greatest choc bar ever


    Wispa was just limited edition return wasnt it, greatest choc bar ever

    Same with Opal fruits, no fair!

    Why do they taste better when called Opal fruits instead of starburst n why the hell is it still snickers rather than marathon?


    Yeh wispa only came back for a limited time. Dam shame

    lol anyone remember Astro's, them coloured balls???


    i remebr them. about 6 years ago. they wer lovely!

    Wispas are still on sale in Home & Bargains

    Poundland are selling them at the moment. Obviously £1. Am eating them at the moment!!

    Funny really, I was eating these last night (present I got from someone for fixing their pc).


    Strange 2 year thread resurrection, 'I know I'll type in toffee crisp clusters' and see if there any threads on it'.
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