does anyone repair ds screens?

    my daughters touch screen is broken,no longer works by the pen thing


    is it a lite ds or phat one?

    you can buy new screens for the phat one for £10 on ebay, unsure about the lite.

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    its a lite one
    dont know if i could repair it though myself
    thanks for reply

    You can buy them on ebay - for the lite too. I tried it myself and managed to crack all the case and made a large cut in the thumb (bled for ages). There are two different screen types for the lite - make sure you get the right one - the connectors are different, so if you do get and its wrong it won't work (I tried).

    Hi, just to tell you that i've just repaired a broken hindge on my ds lite, which wasn't too bad but from what I can now tell, the bottom touch screen is the harder one to repair as the are lots of tiny ribbon (data cables) that are held on by a nats fart!! good luck and tell me if you try as i'll pass on some tips. Good luck.

    My daughters screen went on her DS. A local independant games shop replaced it for £35.00. It works fine now.

    dont forget taken a ds lite apart is a bit fiddley u need patiance and the tools you can get the screw drivers and screen from deal extreme for under £10 delivered :thumbsup:
    just goggle on how to take apart my ds lite you will find videos on you tube to help you:thumbsup:

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    thanks everyone i think i may get the partner to try and repair then

    have left rep 4 u all apart from milhouse as i ran out so will leave u some 2moro

    how did you go about fixing the hinge because my sons has gone mega loose now and wont stay up at all,cheers
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