Does anyone think the Samsung Tocco Blue is a good phone?

    Please anyone help me on this one, i have been offered instead of the C905.
    what i could do is sell it on here when i get it, as im after another one but they wont give me it lol

    any comments are greatly recieved

    thanks all


    do you mean the tocco ultra blue?

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    Yes the Tocco Ultra Blue

    i have it in red and its great. the only one small things that bugs me is that the touch screen only works witht he finger touching it - not a stylus or fingernail etc which can make the internet brousing a little tricky at first to click the links whent he text is small. but i just zoom in to click if it doesn't register first time. i've got used to it fairly quickly. i love it. battery needs charging every night though and i am not a big texter/caller/phone user...(and i have the back light turned right down - no vibration or sound and noe key pad lights - i have done everything to try to combat it)

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    It doesnt have Wifi

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    not much comments, must a pretty rubbish phone then lol
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