Does anyone undertand ebays quidco policy?

    I'm thinking about buying a computer from ebay, so i looked on quidcos website and it said that they give 40% cashback. but its 40% of what ebay stands to make from the listing. so if the computer i buy is £550, does that mean i would get 40% of £55 assuming ebay takes its 10%?


    if ebay charged a seller £10 to list and sell a tv (for example), you as the buyer would receive 40% of that fee as quidco cashback, in this case that would be £4 (40% of £10 = £4)

    I bought something from ebay the day before yesterday costing £79.95 . Quidco has tracked my earnings as £1.12. Not alot I know but better than not going through them as I was going to buy the item anyway.

    i got 70p for 19.99 yestaday but a bit ago i spent 59.99 and it only tracked @ 2p so i think it depends on the actually item that you buy
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