Does anyone use a Galaxy Tab 7" Plus 3G as a phone?

Found 28th Feb 2012
I currently have an S2 and mainly use it for the internet, sms and apps/games. I was looking into either getting a Note or a Tab 7 Plus to replace it.

I really don't care about it being massive and would actually find it comical answering it in a Dom Jollyesqe fashion. And to be honest, I SMS most people, and rarely use many of my voice minutes.

What I'm looking to find out is if there are any other drawbacks (apart from size). Is the performance as good as an S2? Is there anything else that the phone has, and the Tab 7 doesn't? I'm aware of the lack of a proximity sensor for turning off the screen when the device is to your ear - is this a real problem or not? Vibrate function?

Any input would be massively appreciated
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Hehe. It's not that big, but would have that kind of effect.

I've read a few articles of it being used of a phone, and it kinda appeals to me. No-one doing it?
Can you use it as a phone? I thought with Honeycomb it didn't have phone functionality.

I have briefly used the first Tab as a phone when my main phone battery died very suddenly but was very much a stopgap measure, it's just too unwieldy to use as a phone and it's not very portable as it doesn't fit in a pocket. I now use a Note and would highly recommend it as it's consigned both my tablet and phone to the retirement bin, it's not quite as big as a 7in tablet but it's mostly there and conveniently it easily fits in a pocket whereas I never found an easy way to carry the Tab without any additional bags.

It does have full phone functionality. The dialler may be an app that you have to download though. The speaker is even at the top and the mic at the bottom for this reason.
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