does anyone use an air compressor to clean there pc ?

Found 27th Feb 2011
as above, my pc is starting to clog up with dust

i was looking to either buy a air compressor or canned air

but with the air compressor i aint sure what im looking for

can anybody recommend one

ive read some people say they used there hoover's lol that cant be a smart idea surely
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thanks mate gonna check it out now
lol yea i read use a very low psi maybe 10-20
I just use a straw.
I use a hoover and one of the other halfs makep brushes. Never had a prob with that in decades. As long as you dont get right into a component and suck off anything with the hoover lol and let the brush do the work, then just suck up the dust and cak. Cleans up a treat and my clients are happy ;-)
Using the hoover too much in one go can cause static to build up which could fry some components.
Squelds.....that's how I do the insides of mine, sometimes I take My heat sink, cards and MB out as well and brush them.
I use a can of compressed air, does a great job

they do but quite expensive for some air in a can and dont they sometimes … they do but quite expensive for some air in a can and dont they sometimes squirt moisture?

yeah about 4.50 a can from scan, and yes sometimes they do let a bit of moisture out but it evaporates extremely quickly.

if you can afford to get an industrial compressor, get one. had one at my last work and theres nothing more satisfying then blasting out a filfthy computer.
I use a hair drier (on a cool setting) to blow out dust and fluff from inside my PC case. I do this outdoors.

I loosen the dust and fluff with a wooden stick (dont use metal) and then blow the dust out again.

Never had a problem.
Each to their own... just saying that in over 20 years of pc tech ive never had a prob using a hoover and NEVER fried anything yet haha... just jinxed myself now though ;-)
I use a can of body spray, smells well nice.
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