Does anyone want 15% off at esprit.co.uk / instore?

Found 26th Sep 2009
I'm a member of club esprit, they sent me a voucher in the post for 15% off, one for me one for a friend. The friend card has an e-shop code for 15% off so does anyone want it? 1st person to post below saying they want it, I will PM the code.

Minimum esprit online order value is £15 so ~ £17.40 worth of goods, free delivery
It expires on Sunday 4th october online, 3rd october instore

[Valid for all merchandise incl markdowns. Not valid in conbination with other action / vouchers. Only valid in participating stores - which are marked with the VIP-Shopping_icon in our storefinder (www.esprit-club.com). ]
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il have it please, thank you :-)
PM sent

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