Does anyone want an avatar?

    If you want an avatar and don't know how to make one, post here and I'll help you out. Just say what you want (fairly specific) or link to an image and I'll size it for you so you can upload it to your profile here


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    Awww is mine that ugly you don't trust me

    :lol: Perhaps you should post a page of some examples

    Maybe some people don't understand what an avatar is too :?

    So I'll say

    It's the little picture on the left of these messages [Paul's is the flame, mines the stick man walking].

    You can create a small picture/image/animation [avatar] of virtually any design you want. Something to suit your ID or favourite sport or scene [nothing too complicated] or something like a desktop icon.

    My definition of an avatar, is something that represents a personality [although I'm not a stick man really :roll:]

    Are you sure that is a stick MAN? I mean, where's his man bit? :wink:

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    Are you sure that is a stick MAN? I mean, where's his man bit? :wink:


    There's none of that on this site!

    Actually I just don't want to see a stick man'

    As Rayman said it's the little picture icon under your user name. I know some people aren't sure how to resize pictures and such so I thought I would offer. If you have anything you're interested in or a certain image in mind I could look it up and get it to the right size for you to insert here

    Ooops, sorry Paul, didn't mean to offend :wink:
    Wouldn't a stick man just have a twig though?.........

    .......or should someone just pass me a shovel?

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    Ooops, sorry Paul, didn't mean to offend :wink: Wouldn't a stick man just … Ooops, sorry Paul, didn't mean to offend :wink: Wouldn't a stick man just have a twig though?................or should someone just pass me a shovel?

    LOL I never thought of it that way...twig and berries I suppose :P

    Alright, I propose we just call it a stickperson then

    :mrgreen: OK, stickperson it is then.
    I hope Rayman doesn't think I'm saying he has a twig and berries though..... :lol:

    Hmm... :roll: a twig + berries eh :roll: A stickperson :roll:

    Think I'll have to change my ID to Wurzel Gummidge


    Wurzel!! There's a blast from the past. I used to watch that as a kid! Not one of the best things ever shown on TV....

    Glad you weren't offended Rayman

    No I'm not offended :lol:

    Cuppa tea ana slice o'cake Aunt Sally?

    :lol: As long as it's STRAWberry!

    I'd love to have a Christmas tree. Could I have lights on it at Christmas?

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    What about this one? I'll resize it if you want it

    Do you have anything more traditional, please?

    Hi Paul,

    I am ok with PS, but if you could make me a crystal type avatar, with "Shyam" (w/o the qoutes) that would be great!

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    Sorry forgot about this

    shyam - what are you thinking? My photoshop skills are probably worse than yours

    Christmasshopper, what about this's not really traditional but it has some character...

    or this...

    Thank you Paul. The second one is perfect. How do I get it next to my name?

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    Ok, I resized it. So now just do a right-click, save as, and save it to your desktop or documents folder...wherever. Once you have it saved now go to Profile at the top of any forum page, scroll down to the Avatar control panel part and click choose file, browse to the file on your computer and then hit ok. It will upload and now just click 'submit' on your profiile and you should be done!

    Testing Testing.....
    Thank you Paul

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    Testing Testing.....Thank you Paul

    No problem Glad you like it!

    Anyone else.....?

    Me please, Paul What I'd really like is a photo of my dog. I've got it on CD, can save it to computer, but that's about the extent of my technical skills at the moment :oops: If you can help, that would be great, but no worries if not Also, if you can do it, would I be able to transfer it to use as an avatar on another forum? And how?????


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    Sure! I can resize it for you and put in the thread and then just follow the same directions I gave to Christmasshopper. It's probably easiest to email the photo to me at- nikkels gmail - I'm assuming you can figure out how that makes an email address

    :lol: Yep, think I figured out the email address.

    Thanks a lot

    YAY!!!!!!!! :lol:

    You're a star, Paul!!!! Thank you

    Well hello M223's dog

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    YAY!!!!!!!! :lol: You're a star, Paul!!!! Thank you

    No problem

    Anyone else?

    Hi Paul,
    Can I have a Christmas tree with lights on for Christmas, please? :idea:

    Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on.
    PLEASE :idea:

    many thansk for the generous offer

    could i please have a polar bear with christmas hat or similar (photo image preferably)


    i guess i should get a meatshake, really. in a nice traditional ridged glass with a straw. and bits of ham floating in it. sweet, sweet meatshake.
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