Does anyone work, or used to work for Vodafone?

    I really really really want the new Nokia N96, but am not due for an upgrade until the end of March. So this morning I phoned customer services hoping that I would be able to persuade them to give me an early upgrade. But I was told that they NEVER do this.

    I've been with them for years now, and I'm on a fairly high tarif, 50 quid a month. I offered to sign for a further 18 or even 24 months, but they said no.

    For anyone in the 'know', is this really true? Is it worth me trying again and hoping I get someone else? No doubt a record is kept each time you call so I don't want to keep doing it if there really is no hope!

    Any ideas?


    I've never worked for them , but I've been a customer for about 12 years now and whenever I've upgraded my handset, I've been told that they'll look at an upgrade up to 2 months away from your contract expiry date. Anything more than that and you have to buy your way out of your contract.

    Well, firstly there is no obligation for them to do this as your already locked into a current contract with them and these things are pretty much air tight unless there is some unspoken term to get them to backup, which I have never seen to date!

    One way is to pay the remainder of the contract out, which could be worthwhile depending on how you look at it. If your contract is up on March then you still have £300 of your contract remaining. A brand new N96 costs about what £500-£600? so if the new contract you would take out means getting a free N96 then surely it would be worthwhile as you'd be getting it at almost half price? Dunno, but it depends on how you view it.

    Only other way I can think of is to contact their sales and marketing department (as opposed to calling customer services who would only give you a scripted answer). Maybe the Sales and Marketing could supply a deal if your willing to sign a long term contract then to them it would be securing income. The negative side is how to convince them that you wont want to do the same thing at some point in the new contract?

    Anyways, good luck and I hope you get it. I have the N95-8GB and I'm happy with that one although the N96 does look very appealing! Cheers.

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    Thanks people. I know I'm tied into a contract but you hear so many stories about phone companies being 'nice' that I wonder what they are really able to do for me if they wanted. Of course you never really know whats possible unless you know what goes on behind the scenes! March is the date my upgrade is due, my contract isnt over until June/July.

    You can renew 3 months before the end of your contract if you ask nicely!

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    You can renew 3 months before the end of your contract if you ask nicely!

    I can't wait that will be the end of March!
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