Does Asda or Tesco sell firewire cables?

The local PC shop's shut, and everywhere still open charges a tenner for them. I'm kind-of needing one as soon as possible, but I know there's not much chance now, with them not being an especially common sort of cable. Anyone ever seen them in their local Tesco or Asda?


i sure tesco do them. cheap too. dont seem to have em online but im certain they have them in store.

poundland do them. if you have one in a shopping centre near you it should still be open

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Ah well, no luck. My branch didn't have any in stock, and even if they had, I'd not have been able to buy them anyway because the tills were off for some reason. Not to worry though, it was a nice night out. Full moon and everything, yay.

Shall scarper down to Poundland in the morning. Cheers though guys, rep'd.
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