Does bbc iplayer work on my iphone 3g?

    Hi i was wonderign if theres a way to get bbc iphone working on my iphone 3g,i went on to there website but it wont losd up a programme,do i need to dl software to plsy the file?thanks


    It only works through wifi on mine...:?

    Original Poster

    tried it on wifi,nothing happens,it just shows the pic of the programme

    Iplayer works fine on my itouch through wifi at home or at work, went through google and just added it as a bookmark.:thumbsup:

    you not get a play button or something when you touch the screen? I'm sure thats what happens on my touch

    Worked on my wife touch last night, we were testing it out. . .

    Dude i reckon you should have a thread saying MY IPHONE QUERIES/'ve got like 10 threads opened all about the Iphone

    another reason why my o2 xda ignito is better

    it plays iplayer stuff without a hitch
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