does car insurance pay out if you drive into flood water across the road??

Found 7th Sep 2008
luckily im not in this situation but watching the news and seeing loads of people driving through deep water not sure where they stand if they kill there car?
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will they be in deeper water with insurance company claims? :whistling:
I'd imagine that they will argue that you foolhardedly drove into the problem. Here is Direct Line on the issue:…htm
My ex did this a few months back and yes they paid out. You could argue that it only looked like a puddle. To be fair he did think it was a puddle as there wasn't any floods around. I suppose it depends on the insurance company
I guess they could get you for stupidity as you shoulnd drive through a puddle that you cant tell how deep it is!!

but no insurance pays out for "acts of god" i guess they could file it under that too

tho ive always wondered what their stance is if you dont beleive in god!!! :thumbsup:
If there is a sign saying road flooded chuck it in a ditch
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