Does cashback track if using a shops app?

Found 16th Apr
I want to order some items from Autodoc using their app on my phone, if I click through quidco/topcashback on my browser and then buy via the app, will the cashback track?

The prices are slightly better on the app, but not better than the cashback..
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No, because TCB/Quidco are paid a referral fee which they pass on to you - this is tracked with cookies. It needs to be in the same browser as you click through TCB/Quidco from or they won't get the money to pass onto you. Though, cashback isn't guaranteed so it may be better to order via the app if the difference isn't too much cheaper with cashback
Thanks, I was wondering if the tracking would pick up from the browser cookie. The app discount is 2% but the topcashback is 10%, so worth the risk for cashback.
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