Does chewing gum make you sneeze?

Found 15th May 2014
Whenever I start to chew a new piece of chewing gum, I sneeze a couple of times. My son does this too but my daughter doesn't. Does anyone else do this? Does anyone know what causes it?
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No, just when I start on a fresh piece.
Allergic reaction to Aspartame?
Wriggley`s extra
I do whenever I eat a mint sweetie or chewing gum. Not sure why though!!
Aaahhh Juicy Fruit.
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight ?
it happens to me 2
I sneeze if i look at the sun.
Happens to me and with strong mints too
It maybe the packaging.
its the peppermint in the gum. clears out ur sinuses maybe making you sneeze.
Correlation does not equal causation.
I blame global warming.
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I blame the parents.

Correlation does not equal causation.


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I blame Islam.

I sneeze if i look at the sun.

Apparently that's called Photic Sneeze Reflex
Apparently the mint chewing gum sneezing is due to a Salicylate Allergy

Thanks for supplying me with my today's random facts reading/learning topics folks
[quote=jellybeans12]Apparently the mint chewing gum sneezing is due to a Salicylate Allergy

My flatmate is sneezing only when chewing cherry winterfresh. Nothing happens with other flavours

I blame Islam.

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I blame Islam.

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Thanks, Jellybean, for the information, which I read. It doesn't mention sneezing as a symptom though. I do wonder if it's linked to mint as some mints cause me to sneeze too but not toothpaste!
For some strange reason chocolate makes me cough
Quite often smoking will make me hiccup oO
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