Does credit check appear on file if service cancelled within the cooling off period?

Found 30th Mar
As title really.
I took a contract with Three, but cancelled it within cooling off period (as I found P20 pro deal better value). Just wondering how is it gonna look on my credit report? Will it show that I have bought 2 contracts?

Many thanks!
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It’ll show the search and the contract you took out and yes will show two contracts active until they update the credit record normally within a few months.
It will most likely show as the credit check is done upon taking the contract. Whether it has much effect on your score is another matter. Sign upto the credit club on MSE and you can check for free.
The cancelled contract and its payment performance will appear on your credit file as active / open until reported by the provider (Three) as a lapsed / closed agreement, typically within one month of it transitioning from active to lapsed, and remain on your file for six years. If no fees were due / taken during the active period, there will be no payment performance to show. Random example of reporting here:…ort
The replacement contract will show as another active agreement with its associated payment performance.
This would not normally be detrimental to a credit file, but it may impact on criteria used by certain credit providers where say a particularly fussy provider may choose not to extend credit to applicants having initiated xx credit agreements within the preceding yy months, potentially regardless of apparent affordability / ability to repay the credit.
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