Does have quidco?

    Hey Guys,

    Recently i have been buying quite a lot off and am now wondering if it has quidco, i have looked on the quidco site and done a lot of search's and all i came up with is one post that said had quidco under the company name base ...

    I looked at base on quidco and all i found was shoes, if anyone knows .. i would appreciate it.




    no quidco

    No to Quidco
    you could use - 4 ipoints per £1 spend (excl. delivery) on DVDs, CDs, Books, … - 4 ipoints per £1 spend (excl. delivery) on DVDs, CDs, Books, Games, T-shirts, Toys & Posters.3 ipoints per £1 spend (excl. delivery) on Memory, Electronics & PC/MAC. For every £1 you spend you will be rewarded up to 4 ipoints

    or never heard before

    1% GBP on Memory and Harware, 2% GBP on the rest

    I don't use either so can't recommend!!!!!!!

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    thanks guys,
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