Does eBay still remove negative feedback?

Found 1st May
I have read in the past that eBay sometimes remove negative feedback, but I know eBay is now a buyers market, so is there any experienced sellers out there that could advise if eBay even consider removing feedback, or I am pretty much stuck with the negative.

I only sell a small amount on eBay, perhaps 1 or 2 items a week, mainly DVDs, but just got my first negative feedback. So it impacts my feedback rating quite a bit because of my low number of sales.

Buyer claimed they didn't receive the item. This was only 5 days after posting second class (which included the weekend) so that started some alarm bells ringing, since it was not even in the estimated delivery window because I dispatched the same day rather than the stated 2 working days.

But after first reading about the deal on Hotukdeals some months back regarding small parcels now containing codes that can show delivery confirmation, which evidently my buyer was unaware of, I checked and it was delivered. Luckily it wasn't one of my parcels that wasn't scanned because I have found only about 50% of the items get scanned on delivery.

So not being able to get a refund and keep the item they have left negative feedback saying the discs were scratched and were not in the box properly, which I know is a lie because they were only watched once and I put bubble wrap inside the case to stop the disc(s) from coming lose and rattling around, and if anything over package my items to prevent damage.

I checked the buyers feedback and it appears they have left negative feedback for numerous not received items, or saying discs were scratched.

Since I have never needed to look into the eBay feedback system, I wondered if other members successfully got negative feedback removed. Or will I be wasting my time.

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Its a waste of time. Unless they didnt pay for the item you wont get it reversed unless they revise it.
Remove it? No need. You can't even post it when a buyer sends an email simply stating they have got the same thing for less elsewhere and you can stick yours where the sun doesn't shine. eScam don't even show the fact the buyer has welshed on a deal.

Scam, scam eScam.
I've removed a 2 or 3 in 8/9 yrs. One comment I had I did not even bother to query with CS as it was their opinion to the quality of the product - it helps if the comment is complete BS. The good thing about negs as a seller, If the buyer decides to leave a nasty neg and marks you low for the star ratings for the hell of it, when you can prove the item was sent/delivered on time, dispatch time, p&p charges were fair, ebay see through this.
Likewise, if you feel a seller deserves a neg, DONT mark them down for the other stuff.
If the buyer has a history then call eBay and ask them to investigate the buyer for fraud, they won't give details to you of course but if it's a serial offender (they'll see a pattern in claims made/high instance of negative feedback left etc) they'll get naru'd in a few days. If you call you have to speak to ebay Ireland as the call centres outside the UK/Ireland will only stick to a script.

It won't help you get a neg removed but it'll be one less serial scammer on the site.
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Thanks for the input.

A couple of other sellers I messaged confirmed pulling the same trick with them.

I will report the buyer and see what happens. Hopefully they will keep an history of their account and can see they have done it before and been reported.
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