Does Ebuyer do price promise?

Found 16th Feb 2008
Does anyone know if ebuyer do the price promise thing where they refund the difference in price if there is a price reduction.

I bought a bunch of computer stuffs on tuesday and they have all gone down in prices. Would like to know if i can get some diffrence back.

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Nope I don't think you can.

Happened tome before.
Thanks for the head up.
i tried to complain last time and it didn't work....
Yeah they don't care, lost out on £30 a few weeks ago, they didn't give a rats.

I really don't like ebuyer, I have nothing but trouble with them, and it's annoying because most other people I know never have any problems, it's like they hate me lol
If you haven't opened them yet, just send them back for a refund if you think its worth the time and effort. And then purchase the items again for the new prices.
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