Does Eurocarparts/Carparts4less Supply brake pads in pairs or single?

Posted 20th Jun 2016
Been looking at brake pads for my car. There are some for about £15 for a pair on ebay or £21.90 at carparts4less however i wonder if it is for a pair or not?
It says priced per axle but in description says 1
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It would be a pair, so offside and near side either front or rear. Never replace just 1 side.
By pair you mean 4?

1 set of pads will be 4 pads. I've never known any supplier vary this.
yup, you'll get an axle set in the box.

still not sure why they dont do this with discs to be honest...
Can you drive ?
each wheel has 2 brake pads .... so when u order a set of pads for either front or back u will get 4 pads ( 2 per wheel )
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