Does everyone is getting only 2 r 3 flamedeer per day.

    Does everyone is getting only 2 r 3 flamedeer per day...Im getting only 2 or 3 in a day..



    Ive got zero!

    i only have 1 so far. usual every year but never mind i dont expect a win.

    Yeah just 2 or 3 a day.

    When I was a lad I was lucky if I got one flamedeer a year...

    I've had 1 so far this year and I've been on fairly regularly since it started
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    same here

    Very lucky to get 1 a day this year, thats flamedeer lol

    Not had more than 2 a day here, although I have missed a few.

    Collection count of 10 caught, including an instant £2 Starbucks voucher.

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    I haven't caught any yet x

    Yep, 2-3 if I do my usual, on in the morning and evening quick half hour, plus a bit longer(like hours....)

    Only collected 3 so far, not had any show up the last couple of days

    got only 2 so far since started

    Nothing yet

    Yes, 2 or 3 a day.

    Only one a day for me, but have got 2 of the ones for the X box, so fingers crossed!

    I have just one

    Not caught any while I'm on my phone but when I'm on the iPad I get about 2aday but always miss at least 1 of them but I must admit it is harder this year then it has been other years

    just caught one reading this thread. I have 3 now. Rubbish....

    I've had one since it started!

    never seen 1

    Got 4 or 5 but nothing for 2 days now they are definately alot harder to find than last year.

    Original Poster

    Got a spare white evergreen would like to swap for any other whites except Gingerbread and candycane

    I get about one a day and I spend half my life on here

    I miss more than I catch.

    The feeling when you click off the site and you notice a reindeer pop up...

    Never even seen one this year or last?

    Been lucky to get one a day, yesterday absolutely nothing and was ages on it looking around all the posts.

    won £w starbucks voucher earlier

    Caught. 3 only

    I get about 1 to 2 a day I think
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