does fresh tuna have as much taste as tinned tuna?

Found 19th Feb 2011
^ I've always wanted to try it, but just can't get over thinking how it'd taste just like eating a tin of tuna...
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Fresh Tuna has a meaty texture and isn't quite as strong as tinned tuna.

Once you have fresh you'll think tinned is filth

haha I actually prefer tinned!
Sad this, but I prefer tinned too!
tbh i think all tuna is tasteless until seasoned with loads of black pepper and vinegar .
Caper sauce goes well with Tuna,but I'm not a fish fan.
just buy some - it's not expensive - but don't over cook it
Fresh Tuna steak with creamy cabbage lightly sprinkled with chili flakes

Caper sauce goes well with Tuna,but I'm not a fish fan.

whit !!!
not even an enzos fish supper!
cook it with butter - cooked on the outside rare in the middle - i love fish. eat fish all the time!

Anything else let me know

The advantage of tinned is that even non-fish lovers will eat it. When you are eating fresh you certainly know you are eating fish.
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