Does getting mortgage advice harm your credit rating?

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Found 14th May 2007
A friend of mine told me that the more credit checks you have when getting mortgage advice, it harms your credit rating. Is this true?

For example, I go get mortgage advice now, and then again in October, and this would harm my credit rating as opposed to just getting advice in October.

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Advice where you don't give them your details to check up on you, but an application request where a search is done on you might be held against your name. Sometimes, some searches do not register, ask them if they are going to do a search on you, but why would you have a search done if you only want advice?

Dont fret over it. It's just that it shows on your credit rating.

I've never had a credit problem & search for loans etc on a regular basis & have never been knocked back...

All (full) credit searches will show on your file, Finance companies can do a 'silent' search, usually when you make a first enquiry or quote, if you go past this quote stage - the 'footprint' is registered on your file - the more searches for credit you have on your file the more it will affect your credit rating.
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