Does Google live have a helicopter takin photo's?

    Just sittin in my back garden, in South Liverpool when all of a sudden a big black helicopter come right over the estate hovering just above the roof tops, there seemed to be a big speherical camera on the front of the cockpit!! Has anyone else seen this? And within a couple of minutes it was gone!!!


    They're coming to get you!!! lol

    Moved to misc, feedback is for HUKD issues!


    windows live local have planes for the birdeye view stuff

    more likely to be the police

    The Black Helicopter is either the FBI or Merseyside Police. I'm in Liverpool too!

    looking for a scally on a stolen moped? (joke)

    It's probably a police helicopter

    Never mind them adeo, you just keep telling yourself it's Google ;-)

    It's the North Liverpool star...........
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