Does Googlemail make email addresses public?

    I signed up with Googlemail using a really obscure address only to find that my inbox is flooded with emails for replica watches, software and other useless stuff. I have not given the address to anyone yet! Has anyone else found this.


    Yes i currently have around 700 spam emails

    I've had my gmail address for nearly 3 years now and in the last few months I've started receiving LOADS of spam. But its all filtered to the spam folder. :thumbsup:

    yup, knob medicines and fake watches. I'm sorted now :whistling:

    I get a maximum of one spam a week on mine, I use it strictly for paypal and ebay thats all and n o spam problam, my dad however gets 2000+ spam a week. Good thing with gmail is it has an excellent spam filter!

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    What gets me is, no one, apart from Google know my address. So they must make money out of selling addresses. I hope I'm wrong though as it would be dispicable of them to do so knowing that it generates SPAM.

    You do know that there are programs out there that randomly generate email adresses and then spam them.

    Have had googlemail and calendar for 3 months. Never had any spam at all
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