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Does Gumtree email actually work?

Posted 18th Apr 2014
I have emailed people regarding items for sale and have never had a reply despite Gumtree saying "message sent" Does Gumtree email actually work? Would it show in my sent box or somewhere on my Gumtree account?
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Yes although it's a generic email service so people may not realise that emails from gumtree get sent to spam folder.
emails work. used it many times
Check your actual log in page. happened to me for ages,no idea why. then I swapped over emails an never had a problem since. it will work though
Goods could have also been sold and buyer cba to keep replying that goods have been sold.
I was wondering the exact same thing only yesterday, emailed 2 people about items only just listed and neither have replied
I wonder that I had items for sale and was trying to reply to pertental buyers and got no reply
Some sellers are just aholes :). Sometimes it's Gumtree.

Not so much now but, sometimes I got emails hours after they were sent. Say someone sent/replied to an email at 8pm, sometimes it wouldn't come through till 8am and on my Android phone and Thunderbird on the laptop, I'd only see them if I went back to 8pm the night before which is unlikely as it's likely I'd have checked my emails before bed so would only read emails received after midnight. On iOS though, the messages show at the time they come through - ie 8am but, does actually say what time the message was sent, so in my example 8pm. I haven't had this happen as much lately but, it's happened to my partners account today - ie she sent someone a message last night about 11pm, they only received it at 6am apparently and he sent his emails about 9am but they only came through at 11:30am.
Do you know anyone else who uses Gumtree? If me or my partner aren't getting replies to our messages, or our ads we contact the other from an active listing to make sure it's working. The outcome of that being, yes Gumtree is working fine, just people not bothering to respond to ads, it happens.
the sellers are not repliying to me and i emailed like 20
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