Does Gumtree email actually work?

Found 6th Jan 2018
I have sent messages to sellers who only have email listed but they never reply. Are they actually getting the email?
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I've never had a problem using it, if you're saying multiple sellers refuse to reply, possibly the problem is at your end? i.e. not being sent...?
No issues here.
I had an issue a few month back when I made an offer but the email went to the sellers junk mail (or so they said).
i have never had any issues...
Me either, I have had some not reply but I think that's par for the course, most do reply. People sell something and don't remove the listing - just mark your first email as spam and they all go there.
I sell a lot of stuff i no longer need on gumtree (as i dont believe in hoarding) and find that emails work fine. It may be that the item has been sold but they havent bothered to delete it, so they are not replying to emails
works fine but if i recieve loads of emails i only reply to 1st 1 then if they dont show next in line then when picked up and collected i delete the add,prob whats happened in your case
miikeyblue6th Jan 2018

No issues here.

You didn't reply to mine about that washing machine
I had an issue with emails going to my junk/spam folder. I have now resolved the issue but you can also check your messages via gumtree
summerof768 h, 59 m ago

You didn't reply to mine about that washing machine

Scared to tell you where I live!
Ironic that the op hasn't bothered to reply
chocci51 m ago

Ironic that the op hasn't bothered to reply

Too busy racing humans?.
Emails work fine but I just delete any that set off my moron alarm.
Mine seem to end to up in spam folder.
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