Does iphone internet tethering cost money?

    Just bought an iphone 4 and noticed an internet tethering option in the network settings. I've been using it for the last two days. Before this i use to use PDA NET to tether and was not charged for using the net on my laptop.

    will i be charged by my network provider (three) now that i am using the official iphone option?


    I think they may have a limit of 1gb or a fair usage policy so if you go over you may get charged.


    On my iPhone you have to call to activate it as it's chargeable service

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    have been using the service all day and no charges yet

    you should only get charged if
    a, you use more than your allowance or
    b, the T&C in your contract doesnt allow tethering

    i suspect though if you dont go over the top with your usage you shouldnt have a problem ive just changed over to giffgaff and they dont allow tethering but i visit the same sites on my phone as i would on my laptop which i share my phones 3g with , just keep an eye on your limit which you can do from my 3 on your handset / prob on your pc if your tethered

    and make sure your allowance is going down as your using the phone as some ive had dont seem to charge until the 3g session has finished i think my k750i on orange used to do this one minute id have no credit then after i d/c from the net most of it reappeared bar the internet spend
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