Does ipod touch 4th gen front screen scratch easily ?

    I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this problem I have an iPod touch 4th gen I have a case for it but no screen protector and it has some scratches on it and I barley and I’m very careful with my gadgets any ideas.


    Yep, Mines the same, Scratches very easily, Just use a screen protector.

    It does NOT scratch that easy, but once it's been scratched there's no way to remove them from the glass screen.

    I've even threw mine in a bag with a bunch of keys by accident, back got scratched, front didn't.

    I have rubber surround on mine. No screen protector, and mine hasn't scratched at all (touch wood). But i am really careful with it.iphone 4 by the way.

    Im surprised how good at not picking up scratches.

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    I going to buy a screen protector but I never had a problem with my 2nd gen iPod touch before

    My boyfriend's got this exact model and he has a ZAGG invisible shield protector on it (which bless him, I had to apply :))
    But anyway what I'm trying to say is you can pick this up for about £10, more expensive than others, but it is AMAZING.
    The amount of times he's dropped the thing, put it in his pocket with his keys etc and there isn't a single scratch on it!
    It also claims you can scratch it as much as you want and you can just "wipe off" the scratches but we've been too wary to try it to that extent aha

    Oh also, the ZAGG shield does claim that after so long of being applied to the device, it can reduce the appearance of scratches to minimal, unfortunately though I can't vouch for this personally.
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