Does it cost any extra to post to Northern Ireland from England?

Posted 17th Feb 2011
I live in England and need to post a small packet to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Can anyone tell me if I will have to pay extra or whether regular 1st / 2nd class Royal Mail is adequate?
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Postage costs to Northern Ireland
It can be confusing to understand how postage costs work between mainland UK and Northern Ireland so we’ll take a quick look at what services are on offer and how much they cost.

Royal Mail in the UK
The first, most obvious question to ask is, ‘Is Northern Ireland in the UK?’ This can cause confusion as it does have its own legislations but yes, it is still part of the UK. So because of this fact, Royal Mail operates in Northern Ireland the same way as it does in mainland UK.

Do Royal Mail charge more to send post to Northern Ireland?
No, it is helpful to know that Royal Mail postage costs from mainland UK to Northern Ireland (and vice versa) are the same prices as if you were to send letters or a parcel elsewhere in the UK. This only applies to Northern Ireland and therefore if you are posting to the Republic of Ireland, these prices aren’t applicable.

How much is it to send a letter or parcel?
Royal Mail 1st Class and 2nd Class prices for their standard service (from March 2018) within the UK are below. For other Royal Mail services see here.

Other parcel services
Royal Mail may not be the cheapest option to deliver your post around the UK. Check out these offers on parcel courier services.

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