does it cost extra to post to ireland?

    I sold something on ebay, will it cost me more to post to ireland than within the uk?


    Yes,Airmail service,it only be about double what it cost within U.K. Hope it's not too heavy,past 2kg is very expensive,it seems to jump when it gets to that weight band.

    eg DVD migth eb about 70p 2nd class ( give or take a few pennies ) Airmail to Ireland might be about £1.30 or so.

    Is it northern or southern Ireland?


    presume you mean southern ireland?
    If so - yes, if northern ireland no

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    thanks for the help its in belfast N/I so it should be the same. thanks for the help, rep given.

    Northern Ireland is part of the the U.K. then and it be same then,not Airmail.
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