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Found 20th Sep 2012
I've been trying to checkout on for ages. I've never bought from them online before, the order is above £40 so should qualify for free delivery etc. In the basket, i'm clicking checkout, it loads and just returns me to the basket again. Stuck on step 1, won't go onto step 2 where I can enter delivery address etc. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?


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For anyone else struggling, i;ve managed to do it on the mobile site

Hi i had to order through mobile site also.
Never had a problem before.

Just incase anyone needs to access mobile versions of a website on their computers and doesn't know how, it's quite often as simple as replacing the "www" with an "m".

ie becomes

Like me you were probably using the Firefox browser. It works with Internet Explorer suggesting that the site has some Microsoft non-standard code. You would think the programmers at Boots would get their act together as it causes considerable frustration.

I had the same issue. It seems that Ghostery causes problems with checkout at Boots. Whitelisting the site fixed it for me.

Thanks for the pointer - spot on!

The boots website is one of the worse sites on the net in terms of ghastly and amateur levels of skill, demonstrated in the total lack of any semblance of design and development expertise. Just one issue is the reliance of tracking sites for core functionality. This should result in a gross misconduct charge against the development team as a whole. However, it is well known boots upper management are hugely backward, the site remains littered with ludicrous design blunders. Shop else where.

For 5 days I have not been able to checkout at boots website it just keeps saying we are busy at the moment I did ring about it and was told to get rid of all my cookies and shut my tablet off I have been doing this for 5 days and it is still the same

I had the same problem, just couldn't check out the basket on my iPad. Tried mobile site and App over 24 hours. I called up Boots on the phone on their 'contact us' number and they suggested I use a PC which I explained wasn't an option so they put the order through on the phone as they could see my basket, all the same offers etc, no problem job done.
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