Does model/type of charger really matters for the life of battery?

    I wonder if anyone can give me good advice. Just got a new phone and want to prolong the battery life for as long as possible.
    I have received original charger with my new Huawei mobile which is of the following specification:
    Input 0.2A
    Output 5V = 1A

    and on the other hand I have genuine charger for Dell Venue tablet
    with Input 0.3A
    Output 5v = 2A
    Is there any difference which one I use? I believe Dell charger would charge my batter slightly quicker, but would it not shorten the life of battery? Many thanks for your advice.


    No. The battery takes whatever it needs from these 2amps so its pretty much the same. However i am not sure about the battery life if you use for example 500mA charger.

    No worries, they're cheap enough to pull out and replace and they don't degrade that fast I've read different points on the same subject about the phone/battery circuit will only take as much current as it needs and then again it heats the battery up more and stresses/ages it.
    I've no real idea about what really happens but if your battery is getting warm to the touch then it isn't a good sign. I sometimes charge my phone on my ipad 3 charger to charge it quicker and the charger gets hot but the battery is cool.

    The charging circuitry in the device itself will control the charge current the battery receives, so using a higher rated charger will not cause issues.

    Any additional heat generated will be down to the charge controller dumping the extra power which isn't supplied to the battery, LiPo and Li-Ion batteries need to be charged properly, hence the inclusion of charge controllers on the device itself.

    Short version: It'll be fine
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