DOes my black box record and use my miles evan though im not driving?

    Hi guys wondering if you can help me here. I have a black box installed with Tesco bank box, last night we had no power so I went it to my car to charge my phone so the engine was on and running but I didn't actually drive it. I loged onto my milesthis morning and it said I had 17 miles left but last night I had 74? Please help!


    It shouldn't just measure when your engines running, that's not right. Ring the insurers.

    oO why did you start the engine?????

    they work on GPS so if you didnt move, it shouldnt consume your mileage allowance. ring up and confirm

    i hate block boxes, i would've had a saving of £400 on my initial insurance in 2010 but i thought forget that, and went out on a full rea policy to avoid problems like this and have fun

    There's plenty or reports of Black boxes logging incorrect distance, speed data etc. Seems a common complaint by a fair few users. Google gives plenty of stories.

    mm , had a black box from admiral last year and sometimes it took a couple of days for trips to show in the online dash board

    I'd give your insurers a call. There are been many people reporting similar issues.

    The Tesco boxes have a delay in reporting mileage online. As previously mentioned, it measures the distance by GPS. Running the engine won't have used your miles.


    oO why did you start the engine?????

    ​I hazard a guess as it was freezing cold
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