Does opened cologne go off?

    I have about 15 different colognes that are open at once, stored in a drawer in my desk, so theyre out of sunlight and all that. Do they ever go off?



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    after how long though? theyre all still in the boxes


    Can you not smell them if they are off?

    Oh I am not sure to be exact.Think if you open them then they have a shorter shelf life

    I just think they don't smell as strong,i've got some perfumes that i've had opened for eons and they are fine,i think lol

    I've had police aftershave opened for about 3yrs and it went 'off'. Change in smell, not as strong.

    i got some ld spice from 1981 and it still smell's funny

    Think 'colognes' only go off in america

    They do 'go off' - it takes a bit though. Have a sniff and if they seem fine then they are fine.

    I'm not even asking why you have 15 colognes in your work desk.

    I'd say about one and a half to two years.

    Why do you have 15 in your desk at work (I asked for you Chesso :)?

    Depends on fragrance.
    Top notes go first.
    If possible transfer to smaller bottles - they won't look nice but thery'll last longer

    Taken from the scentiments website

    The shelf life of most perfume, from production date, and if stored … The shelf life of most perfume, from production date, and if stored properly, is a maximum of 3 to 5 years.Perfumes with higher content of essential oils have a longer shelf life. Essential oils contain no fatty acids, and are not susceptible to rancidity like vegetable oils.Perfumes made with quality ingredients will last longer.

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