Does 'PeerBlock' actually work ?

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Found 8th Jun 2010
Saw the thread earlier about letters from ISP's. I'm not worried about receiving one I just know others in the house will start panicking so would rather avoid it. Downloaded peerblock, does it really work ?


up to a point it does xx ip being blocked from connecting to you.

As long as the list is maintained but any new IPs not in that list being used to offer a connection for promises of a file is no good to you. SO in that instance it's too late the ip was not blocked because it was not a suspicious IP at that time.


No. I got stung in ye olde days of torrent downloading after taking these measures. The system is seriously flawed by design.

You want safe downloading with torrents? Use a seedbox service or a vpn service like Relakks or Blacklogic.

Easiest solution is newsgroups obviously.

Use a few proxies instead

Try using a VPN!
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