does quidco track for o2 UPGRADES?

    I wondered whether anyone had any experience of this......
    I saw the fantastic o2 simplicity 12 month deal with 110 quidco and o2 money card that I'm really quite keen on but I already have a simplicity 1 month contract with o2 as well as priority gold so don't really want to lose that nor do i want to piss about with getting a new number.

    Any one got any experience with this and can give some advice/experience?

    Rep given for any help!



    dont think you will get for upgrades, they are for new contracts, although no harm in trying

    Original Poster

    doesnt say very much on the o2 quidco page.... :s

    Now you can take your number with you even when you move from O2 to O2.
    Get PAC code from O2 and port this number when you get new sim card (with quidco).
    Did it couple of days ago (moved o2 number from one contract to another)
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