does search work

    I'm looking for a tv but when I type tv in search it doesn't find anything? is the search feature down? I'm using andoid app


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    Works fine for me. Just make sure you've not got it set to search vouchers instead.

    I believe it needs 3 letters minimum in the search term


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    I believe it needs 3 letters minimum in the search term

    ​oh thanks that worked tv and a space

    Works on full website but I remember having this difficulty on mobile/tablet.

    Yes at least 3, try UHD for example

    how did u put the screen shot in comments on I been trying to do that if u don't mind me asking.

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    you need to upload to a third party website like photobucket and it will create a link you can use on a forum ​

    No the search is hopeless. Pretty normal as most forums search function are hopeless.
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