does smashed windscreen ruin no claims bonus and increase insurance?

    someone smashed my front windscreen...


    Not normally counting as a claim, check your policy but it would be very unusual


    not if you have screen cover with full comp

    Each policy is different. Swiftcover for example class it as a claim but they will keep your no claims the same as what it was when you joined for a screen replacement.

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    Would you have to declare it when gettimg a quote next year?

    didn't on mine last year. I was with RAC insurance, I also declared it when I got my new insurance and it made no difference, I was no claims protection though, which is well worth getting.


    How often do they do it!

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    Would you have to declare it when gettimg a quote next year?

    Would be unusual. Check your policy.


    Get money from the idiots who did it.
    shame you have to go through this

    Your no claims usually remain unaffected, although it does vary, however your renewal premium will probably be higher than it would had you not made a claim. As for no claims protection its not worth it, they increase premium rather than deduct 2 years no claims, you also have to inform new insurance of any claims etc renders no claims protection a pointless extra.
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