Does such a thing exist ?

    hello all, does an item exist which is an adapter to connect two hdmi devices to one port on a tv ?

    kind regards


    Yup, I have one. Sitting around gathering dust. 3 to one though.


    i think there is its a hdmi splitter


    Might be worth a ]punt.

    Don't use one as it messes with your picture (so i'm told).


    too late to say no ?

    i know it does though

    i've got a neet 3 into 1 auto switched - cost about 15 quid and it's superb, no loss of picture and just changes to the last switched on item (or you can push as wee button to switch manually). No loss in picture quality....

    Original Poster

    thanks everybody anyone recommend one they have used and have had damn good results!

    I use ]this joytech one and it works great. No messing with picture, three switchers but it is manual switch although comes with a remote
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