Does the 02 sim card work in your '3' Unlocked Huawei E220?

    Apparently it can be locked at any time by O2?

    I've just unlocked mine with the idea of buying the internet O2 sim card.

    Cheers for any help.


    The can stop the internet access on the o2 sim. If they detect that you are abusing it.

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    But it works?

    Yes I'm using an o2 sim in a 3 E220 now. I use two cards so the usage doesn't get noticed. I also don't use things like iplayer or big downloads.

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    I'm just thinking of using it to view my e-mails via the net.

    Does it take much setting up?

    I can help you with the settings and even a sim if you want.

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    They are £11.75 on flea bay incl £10 top-up.
    These are the settings click on it.

    That's cheap but it might already be activated because it has the credit on. It's best to get one without. Then add it yourself so that you get the full 12 months. My first was four months old because it came like that.

    Hope this helps


    How do you unlock the dongle in the first place?I have two, a Huawei E156 … How do you unlock the dongle in the first place?I have two, a Huawei E156 and a ZTE MF627, both on three at the moment.

    You can't get those unlocked free yet. I might buy the equipment to do them though. so many people want them done.

    erhm, wht is it?

    has anyone found somwhere to get the ZTE MF627's unlocked cheap??

    also, i have some universal-sims ([url][/url]), does anyone know any setting that may work? as i want to use an 02 sim in a 3 dongle.

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