Does the Chromecast mirror mkv files and apk vid apps smoothly?

Posted 1st Dec
Hi I'm getting a chromecast for xmas . Been having loads of issues casting to either my tv and xbox from my pocophone
The TV alot of times says cant play the file

The xbox will play film eventually however it will stop half way through with error message and you have to load everything again ( tried loads of casting apps happens on all of them)

Will a chromecast stop all this ?
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Have to tried putting the mkv file on a usb device and play that through your TV?
Ye my phillips tv would play it xbox went off half way through maybe the couple i tried were dodgy would the chromecast work though?
Doesn't a CC cost £20? Why risk the possibility of the worst and most disappointing Christmas ever? Buy one now online & If it's rubbish return for refund, then consider a more useful Christmas present. Return it for full refund even if it works great, then look forward to receiving it for Christmas. Winning.
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