does the ds lite go online internet

    not sure on this as daughter wants one that goes online


    The DS lite doesn't out of the box so to speak.

    However there is software you can buy so it can, basically a card with the software on it that plugs into the usual slot 1 where the games go into, then there is another card which plugs into the slot 2 which is usually for older Gameboy Advance games, however it uses slot 2 to provide extra memory for use with the internet browser.


    However, it does not get very good reviews at its very slow.

    The other option is to buy the new Nintendo DSI which does have the internet already integrated, once again it is slow but not as slow as this add on for the DS Lite, but the DSI is more expensive than the DS Lite and adds just a few extra gimmicks (Webcam, integrated internet) but loses the slot 2 socket for backward compatibility with older Gameboy Advance games.

    Hope that information helps.


    My youngest has a Lite & a DSi, & only uses the DSi to go online. I've just checked on the Nintendo Website & the information about how to go online via a DS or DS lite (not a DSi) is located here :…jsp

    There's clickable links about how to set it all up etc
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