Does the Fifa 17 Xbox One Download Card that comes inside the console bundle have a scratch panel?

Found 9th Dec 2016
Wanted to buy my son Fifa 17 Download for Xmas & just wanted to know if the ones that came with the consoles had scratch panels, or if the codes were visible? Need the physical card as it's a gift, but a bit dubious in buying if they are visible, coz they could've been redeemed & that really would be a let down for a present!!
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As far as I know ms codes are visible. Just sealed inside the box with console or game.
Personally I have never had scratchable coat covering the codes on Microsoft cards with games or add ons.

But wait for answer from someone who owns the fifa 17 redemption code.
I had one but can't remember 100% I think it's not a scratch one though. You can check codes and not redeem.
.I'm sure the receiver will trust you
Depends where you buy it from. Avoid buying from Ebay unless they are advertising it as a voucher (that has not been scratched!) that they will post as some companies sell the game but it's actually on an account that you need to load onto your xbox. You should be able to buy the download code from somewhere like Game, but you may be sent it through email unless you buy it in store.
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ok guys, thanks for your help.
just a bit wary buying one in case the seller decides to redeem the code before i give it to my boy for xmas!
Hi OP, they are not scratch-able, the codes are visible. I have one for sale, let me know if you are interested.
I sold mine on here. The buyer asked if I would let him have the code in advance of paying so they could verify the code was unused. I was happy to do this as the buyer had positive feedback. It worked out fine for both of us. I would say selling/buying on here is better than eBay.
Amis - i am selling fifa code too and am local to you x
Son got with xbox one s and dont play football games and older son already had the game early launch x
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