Does the UK need a High Speed Rail network (HS2)?

    I was having a debate with someone about the proposed High Speed Rail (HS2) link between London and the North. Was wondering what your views are?

    My view is that upgrading current infrastructure to increase capacity should be done before investing in a high speed rail link. Both would be nice but why spend billions on a fancy new rail line when we are already experiencing overcrowding issues?

    Do you think HS2 is the answer?

    Fill you boots.



    Not sure about the UK but we need one here

    And where's 'Here'? We aren't all stalkers here you know (_;)

    To the answer the OP: I think before any sort of High speed Rail link, the train companies should focus on running the trains on time first!
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    I think it's a great idea and could rejuvenate the north and provide a boost to the economy. I also agree that the current infrastructure should be upgraded and the underground in london is a POS already so god knows what'll happen with the increase in commuters.

    no needed,just sort the existing train network out


    no needed,just sort the existing train network out

    This, plus i thought it was between London and Birmingham?

    Original Poster

    HS2 is between London and Scotland.
    As mentioned below, to be done in phases
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    This, plus i thought it was between London and Birmingham?

    The first phase is and then it will be going further afield there after.

    I am unsure about it, everyone around me is telling me its a bad thing, but we need to progress and frankly the route from London to Birmingham now is a pile of poo!

    Ah right, i thought the first stage was to Birmingham with possible extensions to Manchester and Leeds.

    Most trains around here are very overcrowded and unpleasant to use.
    They should sort this out first so that conditions become more tolerable on what we have already got. A few more extra carriages at peak times would be money well spent, so that more of us would use the network.


    a high speed rail link will obviously increase capacity

    think about it

    Manx High Speed rail network...........

    I think it is neccessary as their are many business who travel the whole of the UK and Im sure the HS2 would be a welcome addition in making journeys easier and quicker.


    Even if we're going all the way to the south coast (400+ miles) I take the car. Often just as quick given transfers, delays etc and unless you book months ahead, it's cheaper. Plus you can eat when you want, listen to your own music (instead of someone elses through their cheap ipod earphones), not have to put up with other people and their annoying kids.

    So if a super duper new railway keeps people of my roads, I'm all for it. X)
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