Does the US Family guy dvds have the same episodes on the sets as UK ones?

    Even the region 1s are called volumes. Do they have the same eps??


    No, their seasons/series are out of sync with the UK ones.

    For example I remember Our season/series 8 was a mixture of their 7 & 8.

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    ah damn!! i have to keep buyin the r1s!!

    I think it was the year of the writers strike, they counted 1 season as 2, or the other way round.

    Something like that

    American Dad! seems to be out of sync as well. Sickbeard tells me the new episodes are season 7, but the releases are labelled season 6 oO


    ah damn!! i have to keep buyin the r1s!!

    its different as of season 6 I believe, thats when it goes out of sync.

    Season 6 US ends ep12 "Long John Peter"
    Season 6 UK ends ep18 "Meet the Quagmires" Which is US season finale 5.


    Why not download them on your imaginary iPad.


    And don't forget, the DVD seasons are completely out of sync with the tv seasons.
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